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Skin Cancer Surgery

We have three well-equipped operating theatres, and staff dedicated to delivering the best surgical care for our patients.

What can I expect?

Skin Clinic Taranaki (SCT) has been open since 2017 and offers a range of skin-based surgical procedures from basic to advanced and cosmetic surgery. We have three well-equipped operating theatres, and staff dedicated to delivering the best surgical care for our patients.

If you are concerned or worried about the surgery, don’t be. Our doctors and nurses will support you and your whānau every step of the way! 

All surgical procedures are carried out using a local anaesthetic to carefully numb the area.

Some skin lesions may require an initial biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, which can often be undertaken on the day of your appointment. Larger or more complex procedures for example wide excisions or flaps are undertaken at designated times. 

You’re in good hands. All of our doctors have advanced qualifications and are accredited to undertake a wide variety of skin procedures under local anaesthetic, we are always happy to provide you with a quote for yourself or your insurance company. 

The following providers are Southern Cross Healthcare affiliated:

  • Dr Geoff Tvrdeich
  • Dr Rob Pascoe 

Dr Nelia Lourens and Dr Greg Taylor are also Southern Cross Healthcare providers. 

We also work with a variety of insurance companies and can provide treatment quotes on request. 

SCT also have secondary care providers including a monthly visiting local consultant surgeon, Mr Glenn Farrant, and an Auckland-based plastic surgeon, Mr Mark Gittos. 

Consultant surgeon Mr Glenn Farrant has recently joined the team at SCT to assist patients with conditions requiring advanced surgical care or a general anaesthetic. Mr Farrant is a specialist general surgeon with qualifications in dermoscopy and a keen interest in skin cancer management. 

He also works at Southern Cross Hospital New Plymouth, and Te Whatu Ora Taranaki.

Referrals can be sent to his private rooms at Plastic Surgeon Mr Mark Gittos. Please contact us to find out more.


To find out more about or treatment plans and fees please visit our pricing page.

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Bookings are available online from our contact page. If you are unable to book an appointment online please email or call us.

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Skin cancer is easily treated if caught early.

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