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NAEVUS Mole Mapping

NAEVUS mole mapping is a head to toe skin check, which involves taking images of all of your significant moles and lesions.

What is NAEVUS mole mapping?

During a full body mole map, our Dermoscopists use a Fotofinder machine, to capture high-resolution images of your moles, which we can then use to compare changes in your moles over time.

Why choose mole mapping?

  • Double reporting – Your moles will be checked by both our Dermoscopists and our doctors to assess each imaged mole and provide your individual cancer risk
  • One or many – Mapping your entire body allows us to map one or multiple moles
  • Quick turnaround – The results will be with you either on the same day or within 5 working days
  • No unnecessary mole removals
  • Take your images home – for new patient assessments Total Body Imaging is included in the price of your consultation, for existing NAEVUS patients we can image your body and you can take your images home on a flash drive for an additional fee

How long does it take?

Approximately 1 hour for the first appointment, follow-up appointments vary from 10 to 60 minutes, 90 minutes if TBI included.

What happens at your NAEVUS mole mapping or TBI appointment?

During the visit, you will be required to undress, as it is important to see as much of your skin as possible to capture as many visible moles as we can.

You are welcome to leave your underwear on, however, we would not be able to give a baseline record for areas hidden beneath the underwear. Your privacy will always be maintained. 

We can have a chaperone available for your appointment, should you wish to; you are also very welcome to bring a support person with you. 


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