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Each episode of sunburn or tanning in your life from early childhood through to adulthood increases the risk of BCC’s, SCC, and Melanoma; it also accelerates skin ageing. 

The good news is this can be easily prevented, and the risks reduced, with simple but effective methods including sunscreens.

The minimum requirement for sunscreen is SPF30, which blocks more than 96% of UV radiation, but the use of SPF50+ is preferable, which blocks 98% or more of UV radiation.

Remember- no sunscreen completely blocks UV radiation, and it is reliant on you applying the right amount at the right time.

Approximately one teaspoon of sunscreen (for an average-sized adult) should be applied to each of the following areas if exposed:

  • The face/ears/neck
  • Each arm/hand, i.e. two teaspoons in total across both
  • Each leg/foot, i.e. two teaspoons in total across both
  • The front of the torso
  • The back of the torso

Did you know you can still burn on a cloudy day?

In New Zealand sunscreens are currently classified as cosmetics, and therefore are not subject to the same rigorous requirements as therapeutic products. Consequently, some sunscreens do not meet their claimed standard of SPF protection.


For an independent consumer report on sunscreens in New Zealand see:

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Skin cancer is easily treated if caught early.

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