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Dr Glenn Farrant

Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

The Skin Clinic Taranaki (SCT) team are delighted to welcome on board Mr Glenn Farrant. Mr Farrant is a General Surgeon with subspecialty training in skin surgery and dermoscopy, 

Mr Farrant performs routine and advanced skin surgery under local anaesthetic, at SCT without the inconvenience of being admitted to hospital for the day. 

If you do need a general anaesthetic, Mr Farrant also operates weekly at Southern Cross Hospital – New Plymouth, where he also undertakes endoscopy, and general surgery including gallbladder removal and hernia repairs. 

Mr Farrants’ skin services can be accessed through insurance companies or be privately funded. 

Private referrals, including self-referrals, are made directly to his private rooms by email, telephone at 06-769-9525 or 021 585 432, or via Skin Clinic Taranaki.

We are privileged to have an in-house secondary care provider to help remove skin cancers and other lesions quickly and with expertise. Our friendly, caring, and trusted team of doctors and nurses look forward to welcoming you.


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Skin cancer is easily treated if caught early.

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